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Letter to the Editor: TMU Reliability and Community Support

October 20, 2017 Traer is envied by a lot of communities that don’t have a municipal utility. Why is that? Reliable electric service. Financial support, participation and leadership. more »»

Slices of Life - Storing the boat

October 20, 2017 There isn’t much that makes my husband nervous. Heck, he’s raised four teenagers, which included teaching three of them (so far) to drive. Anyone who can do that can do anything. more »»

Letter to the Editor: Vote YES on Nov. 7

October 13, 2017 CITIZENS FOR TRAER’S FUTURE. We’re a group of Traer citizens who believe that LOCAL ownership and operation of the gas utility franchise is in the best interest of our community’s future. more »»

Letter to the Editor: I know I'm voting YES

October 13, 2017 I attended the public meeting that was hosted by the VOTE YES group and I’m really glad I did. I’ve known for years that the TMU employees work hard to provide outstanding service for the community. more »»

Slices of Life - Home delivery

October 13, 2017 It’s no secret; technology is changing the way we do things. I don’t trust myself to get dressed in the morning before checking my weather apps (I have three). more »»

Q&A: Military Service Academies

October 13, 2017 Q: How can interested Iowans apply for admission to a U.S. military academy? A: As a U.S. Senator, it is a privilege to nominate young Iowans for admission to our nation’s prestigious U.S. more »»

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

October 13, 2017 October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and a great time to refresh your knowledge of the diseas. more »»

The Dengler Domain: Fall

October 6, 2017 Fall is an interesting time of year. The leaves change colors, the grass turns colors, and the fields change colors. Historically, fall is my least favorite season because winter is comin. more »»

Slices of Life - Learning new things

October 6, 2017 We’ve known each other for more than 30 years and I’m still learning new things about him. This weekend it was all about scented candles. Most of us enjoy the aroma of a nice scented candle. I do. more »»

Q&A: Human Trafficking

October 6, 2017 Q: Why is Iowa on the map for human trafficking? A: It often takes people by surprise to learn that human trafficking is a very real problem right here in Iowa. more »»

Letter to the Editor: Vote NO on Nov. 7

September 29, 2017 Vote No Nov. 7 on Natual Gas Municipalization in Traer These are our thoughts on this important issue in no particular order. 1. These gas lines were installed circa 1962. more »»

Slices of Life - The multitudinous multi-tasker

September 22, 2017 A phone used to be a phone and nothing more - except for maybe a paperweight. Now our “phones” are multi-taskers of the unlimited kind. more »»

The Dengler Domain: No Internet

September 22, 2017 In the past, I wrote about why I enjoy the internet and how life would be tough without it. It is amazing people did not live with this wonderful invention for many year. more »»

Q&A: Constitution Day

September 22, 2017 Q: Why do you encourage Iowans to celebrate Constitution Day? A: For 241 years and for good reason, Americans from sea to shining sea celebrate the birth of our nation every Fourth of July. more »»

The Dengler Domain: Dog Passengers

August 25, 2017 Everyone loves to cruise down the road with their furry friend. Riding with a dog in a car is a wonderful treat. Dogs love sticking their heads out the window while we love driving them. more »»

Slices of Life - An uphill battle

August 18, 2017 It seemed like such a good idea, as most bad ideas do initially. My motives were sound and intentions genuine. I’d help the environment while whipping myself into shape. more »»

Master Matrix Works

August 18, 2017 From its inception, the Master Matrix was designed to, and continues to, set a higher standard for barns housing livestock indoors throughout Iow. more »»

Q&A: Farm Exports

August 18, 2017 Q: Why do you work so hard to expand market access for U.S. more »»

Slices of Life - In celebration of friends

August 11, 2017 “Make new friends, but keep the old. One is silver and the other gold. more »»

Q&A: Fixing America's Tax System

August 11, 2017 Q: Are the stars aligned in Washington to enact comprehensive tax reform this year? A: The White House and Congress are collaborating to fix the nation’s broken tax code by prioritizing tax relief... more »»



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