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Q&A: Pension Oversight

August 26, 2016 Q: Why does our system of checks and balances matter? A: Our Constitution establishes three branches of government to create a system of checks and balances. more »»

Slices of Life - The day after

August 19, 2016 It’s over. The wedding. My daughter and her new husband tied the knot last Saturday in a whirlwind weekend of near perfection. The loving couple has been preparing for this for over a yea. more »»

The Dengler Domain: Evolving Logos

August 19, 2016 A few months ago, I discussed my favorite past company logos. While I enjoyed finding and writing about many virtues, I found a more exciting exercise. I stumbled across a website called Logopedia. more »»

Q&A: Alzheimer's Disease

August 19, 2016 Q: What’s the federal government’s stake in seeking a cure for Alzheimer’s disease? A: More than five million Americans today are living with Alzheimer’s disease. more »»

Social Media Abuse in Nursing Homes

August 19, 2016 Imagine doing the research to place your elderly father in a nursing home.  You look at the ratings online, you talk to neighbors, and you think you’ve found a good placement. more »»

Slices of Life - A scattered brain

August 13, 2016 Ever experience a day when things are slightly off kilter? When the normal becomes abnormal, often in an almost imperceptible way? The order of the universe is lagging, your controller fails to... more »»

The Dengler Domain: Bicycles

August 13, 2016 Two wheels are better than four; less traction, more risk, and faster speeds. I lied. Two wheels are not better than four, but bicycles are still fun. Fast or slow, bikes are an enjoyable time. more »»

Zika Virus Funding Delays Require Answers

August 13, 2016 There’s an effort to distort my votes on spending to fight the Zika virus to make it seem as if I don’t care about women and children’s health. That’s not the case. I voted for $1. more »»

Q&A: Protecting Innovation & Trade Secrets

August 13, 2016 Q: What are trade secrets? A: Like a patent or trademark, trade secrets are a valuable form of intellectual property that allow innovators and businesses to legally protect their discoveries and... more »»

Slices of Life - MOTB: The quest for the dress

August 5, 2016 We are entering the wedding stage of life - better put, re-entering. more »»

The Dengler Domain: Thank You

August 5, 2016 As I stood in a West Des Moines Casey’s eerily similar to the Dysart’s Casey, I realized a sense of community was missing. more »»

Vigilance Needed with Private Medicaid

August 5, 2016 Senate Democrats are listening and remain committed to addressing the difficulties private Medicaid has created for patients, health care providers and caregivers. more »»

Q&A: Whistleblower Appreciation Day

August 5, 2016 Q: What is a whistleblower and why do we need them? A: Whistleblowers are people, often in government, who come forward to expose fraud, waste or abuse in an effort to help improve the status quo. more »»

The Dengler Domain: Thunderstorms

July 29, 2016 Thunder, lightning, wind, are Mother Nature’s way of bringing a thunderstorm upon humans. more »»

Slices of Life - On the go

July 29, 2016 It’s all the rage and a cutting-edge craze - sweeping not only the nation, but the entire world. more »»

Q&A: Overdose & Addiction in Iowa

July 29, 2016 Q: What is the Comprehensive Addiction and Recovery Act (CARA)? A: For two decades I have worked closely with community anti-drug coalitions in Iowa to deploy resources to help drive methamphetamin... more »»

Slices of Life - Fleeing germs

July 22, 2016 We live in a culture where people fear shopping cart handles. To be fair, it’s not the handles themselves. It’s the germs residing on said handles. Germs can make us sick. more »»

The Dengler Domain: Ice Cream

July 22, 2016 With these long and hot summer days, air conditioning only solves a portion of the problem, but ice cream cures all problems. more »»

Q&A: How Washington Spends Your Money

July 22, 2016 Q: Why does Congress have the power of the purse? A: American taxpayers are well aware how much of their hard-earned money they pay to the U.S. Treasury. more »»

Letter to the Editor: Blood drive

July 8, 2016 Dear Editor: The Kubik-Finch American Legion Post #142 of Traer is asking everyone 16 years of age and older to take an hour out of their busy summer and donate a pint of blood on Thursday, July 21... more »»



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