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Rock In Prevention

April 22, 2009
Traer Star-Clipper

By Ryan Thorne

On Wednesday, April 15th, North Tama hosted the Rock In Prevention program. This program gives presentations to elementary and middle school students about preventing the use of tobacco, drugs, and alcohol. High school students were selected to assist the representative of the Rock In Prevention program, who led the activities, and served as mentors to the elementary and junior high students.

Jeremy Gary came to North Tama to put on the program. Jeremy played guitar, led the sing-alongs and dances, and did a great job of getting the kids excited. "Rock in Prevention is a way to help kids live to their fullest potential," said Mr. Gary.

Twenty-two high school students arrived at the multi-purpose room early Wednesday morning to be trained on how to go through the program in a manner that gets the kids excited about preventing the use of alcohol, drugs, and tobacco. The goal of the program is to get students into the presentation with singing, dancing, and social drama kits that teach the kids refusal skills. Mr. Gary mentioned how "high schoolers are peer mentors and role models for the kids. They can effectively teach refusal skills."

Many of the high school students involved were excited about helping out younger children. "I thought that the kids really connected to the rock n' roll song and the activities," said junior James Weida.

The elementary and junior high students sat on the floor of the multi-purpose room for the program. They enjoyed being able to participate in the presentation. "The dancing and singing was fun," said seventh grader Adam Babinat.

Through the support of the Iowa Broadcaster's Association, the Richard O. Jacobson Foundation, and the Variety Club Children's Charity, the Rock In Prevention program was able to come to North Tama and be a good experience for both the high school mentors and the elementary and junior high students that will hopefully give them a mindset to stay alcohol and drug free for years to come.



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