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Summers Coming

April 30, 2009
Traer Star-Clipper

By Jeremy Wrage

Classroom windows are opening, birds are chirping, and students are getting restless. Summer is coming. With summer advancing quickly on all of us, students are paying less and less attention on their grades. It's harder for students to focus on a test or classroom work when they look outside and see how beautiful it is, and think of all the wonderful things they could be doing. Students should focus on grades first and then on their summer activities.

Senior Sidney Hulme commented on the issue by saying, "I feel that it's really hard to sit down and study when it's so nice out and I could be outside doing other things." There are plenty of other students that agree with Sidney saying that it is hard to focused with the nice weather. A big part in keeping the students focused on their school responsibilities is the teaching staff.

As everyone knows, teachers are very important in school with teaching the students. Along with teaching, teachers must help the students stay focused on their school work. By high school students should have the responsibility to get their homework done as well as their other studies. On the other hand, many students feel that they need that extra push from the teachers to keep them on task. Teachers have a difficult time with helping the students with this extra push. It is not the fact that teachers don't want to help the students, but their job is to prepare the students for the real world, where the students aren't going to have the teachers there to hold their hand every step of the way.

In the long run, students will benefit the most from staying focused in school. With summer approaching quickly, it's hard for students to stay focused, and for the teachers who become frustrated with the students that don't stay focused. School is almost over and summer is almost here!



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