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Tama County Supervisors

May 6, 2009
Traer Star-Clipper

Tama County Supervisors Larry Vest, Daniel Wilkens and Kendall Jordan, met Tuesday morning in regular session. A conference call with the State Inspection of Appeals concerning the closing of the Country Living Care Center was the main topic. A special meeting was held last Friday, April 24th with members of the Country Living Care Center Board to discuss the lease with Country Living Care. After being in closed session for a couple of hours with Supervisors, County Attorney Brent Heeren, County Sheriff Dennis Kucera, Tama County Central Point of Coordinator Todd Rickert, and Country Living Care Board Members Michelle Allen and Gary Mattson and Tama County Auditor Laura Kopsa, it was decided to leave the lease with Country Living Care Center as is. At the present time it is believed the Country Living Care will close Thursday, April 30th . It is the desire of the Board of Supervisors to keep the care facility open. Their concern is for the occupants of the home, and what will happen to them if they are removed from the facility. Rickerts told supervisors he would like a little time to work with DHS and the state and others to try to keep all the residents together, wherever they may be. Several suggestions were made on a temporary placement and how to go about this.

Supervisor Jordan told supervisors he had been out to the County Home farmground and work on the waterway was pretty well completed. County workers have been working on this grading and pretty well finished in half a day. Jordan was well satisfied with the work.

A new appointment for County weed commissioner was the subject of conversation. Tama County Weed Commissioner Albert Hein passed away recently. Hein had been commissioner of weeds for several years. An ad will be placed in the paper with applications due by the 15th of May. Applications will be reviewed and an appoint-ment will be made on Tuesday, May 19th.

Sheriff Dennis Kucera was present to introduce his new deputy Lucas Dvorak. Dvorak will officially start on May 14th, however, he is already filling in. Dvorak is replacing Deputy Mike Nagle who recently resigned to start his own business in Tiling.

Kucera also had a copy of a Social Host Ordinance used by Polk County. Kucera asked supervisors to look the ordinance over and would like to use something like this in Tama County. Kucera cited a recent situation where an ordinance like this would be of great help. The ordinance Kucera had stated "It is unlawful for any social host to host an event, gathering, or party on premises when the person knows or reasonablyshould know that an underage person has consumed an alcoholic beverage, or possessed an alcoholic beverage with the intent to consume it, and the person fails to take rasonable steps to prevent the possession or consumption by the underage person. A social host who hosts such an event, gathering, or party does not have to be present at the time the prohibited act occurs". Supervisors stated they needed some time to study different situations before they could make a decision.

The weekly road report shows the weekend rain caused flooding in many places with water over the roads in many. Also some bridge damage has been noted in some of the places. The road department is making an assessment the next day or so of the damages done before repairs can be done.

In other business the County Recorder's quarterly report was approved.This shows $27,398,.66 remitted to the county treasurer.

Claims paid for the past week were $188,154.65.



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