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North Tama Junior High awards

June 3, 2009
Traer Star-Clipper

On Thursday, May 28, the Junior High Awards ceremony was held.

The following is a list of the winners.

7th and 8th grade Bookworm Awards

This award is given to students who are avid readers that read challenging matierials. Mrs. Ehlers presented these awards to the following students: Faith Eisele, Cody Finical, Aidan Hoeg, Joe Kvidera, Jessica Mason, Hannah Stover, Tanner Swanger, Jacob Watson, Hannah Williams, Allison Zobel, Jamie Huntley, Vaughn Jensen, Kaleigh Keahna, Ashley Lucas, Kristina Martinez, Omar Martinez, Jackie Mask, Ellie Schafer and Josie Youel.

Math Awards

Math Ace Award - Must earn an A or an A- both semesters.

7th Grade: Jamie Huntley, Shayla Kopriva, Omar Martines, Whitney Pokorny, Ellie Schafer, Jayde Vogeler, Josie Youel and Samantha Zobel.

Top Dog Award - Highest average of semester 1 and 2 percentages: Whitney Pokorny.

8th Grade

Math Ace Award

Brent Billerbeck, Mallory Espenscheid, Aidan Hoeg, Dalton Hulme and Hannah Williams.

Top Dog Award: Aidan Hoeg.

8th Grade Science Awards

Helicopter Hover Engineer: Hunter Danker and Jessica Mason.

Helicopter Design Engineer: Aryn Isenhower and Shannon Stuart.

I survived a Helicopter Crash!: Tyler Nelson and Cody Finical.

Barbie Bungee Business Owner: Troy Weber, Conal Jensen, Tyler Nelson and Jakeb Cochran. Robert Young, Josh Papesh, Harley Green and Cody Finical.

Balloon Rocket Engineer Sm. Balloon: Aryn Isenhower, Troy Weber and Tyler Nelson. Trey Keahna, Shannon Stuart and Allison Zobel.

Lg. Balloon: BrandiAnne Daub, Haley Lunde and Brent Billerbeck. Mitchell Boerm, Jacob Watson, Markie Stedman and Rachel Rohach.

Art Awards: Paintings

Car Logo: Max Markussen, Harley Green and Nolan Hefty. Cat Painting: Keri Kragel. Balloons: Rachel Rohach. Fox Logo: Tanner Mason. Dog Hunting: Wyatt Kucera. Birch Tree: Shannon Jones. Sunset Painting: Joe Morelock. Big Moose Painting: Bryce Hillman. Sun Ray Painting: Nicole Jones. Little Moose Painting: Jon Ameling. Red Hawk Painting: Robert Young. Princess Painting: Aryn Isenhower.

Band Awards

Good: Nolan Hefty, Alex Herbsleb, Shayla Kopriva (bells), Calyb Kriz, Joe Kvidera (bells), Jackie Mask (bells), Mallory Owens (bells), Hannah Williams.

Excellent: Mitchell Boerm, Christry Calderwood (tpt), BrandiAnne Daub, Jamie Huntley, Nichole Jones, Brandon Kaufman, Shayla Kopriva (snare), Joe Kvidiera (snare), Jackie Mask (snare), Katie Morrison, Mallory Owens (snare), Ellie Schafer, Courtney Stuart, Jayde Vogeler, Jacob Watson and Samantha Zobel.

Superior: Christy Calderwood (piano), Jessica Mason, Robert Young and Allison Zobel.

Junior High Student Council: Skyler Kvidera, Troy Weber, Shannon Stuart, Robert Young, Mitchell Boerm, Tyler Nelson, Katie Townsend, Brandon Kaufman, Jamie Huntley, Shayla Kopriva, Whitney Pokorny and Emma Knoop.

7th Grade Science Awards

Most Disgusting Fungus: Wyatt Kucera and Joe Morelock.

Most Colorful Fungus: Jamie Huntley and Katie Townsend.

Most Stomach Turning Fungus: Wyatt Kucera and Jackie Mask.

Best Looking Fungus: Omar Martinez and Courtney Stuart.

Most Moldy Fungus: Bryce Hillman and Joe Morelock.

Worst Smelling Fungus: Wyatt Kucera and Austin Wobeter.

Most Unique Fungus: Kyle Hamilton and Jon Ameling.

Best Fugus Grower: Jamie Huntley and Ivy Conness.

Wing Flapping Champion: Omar Martinez and Shayla Kopriva.

Leap Frog Champion: Josie Youel and Charlie Kinkade.

Presidents Award for Educational Excellence

Class of 2013 (current 8th Graders): Emily Batchelder: Mitchell Boerm, Nolan Hefty, Aidan Hoeg, Joe Kvidera, Shannon Stuart, Robert Young and Allison Zobel.

Academic Letter Award (1st and 2nd Semester): Emily Batchelder, Mitchell Boerm, Aidan Hoeg, Joe Kopriva, Hannah Stover, Shannon Stuart, Robert Young and Allison Zobel.

Sport Awards 8th Graders: Brent Billerbeck-Football, Basketball, Track; Clayton Blocker- Football, Wrestling, Track; Christy Calderwood - Volleyball, Wrestling, Track; Jakeb Cochran- Football, Wrestling; Hunter Danker, Football; BrandiAnne Daub - Cross country, Track; Camden Ewing - Football, Wrestling; Aidan Hoeg, Volleyball, track; Dalton Hulme-Football, Basketball, Track; Aryn Isenhower- Volleyball, Basketball, Track; Conal Jensen- Football, Track; Emma Knoop-Volleyball, Basketball, Track; Keri Kragel, Cheerleading; Skyler Kvidera, Cross Country, Basketball, Track; Haley Lunde-Volleyball, Basketball; Maxwell Markussen, Football,Basketball, Track; Tyler Nelson, Football, Wrestling; Matthew Sweerin-Football, Track; Troy Weber- Wrestling; Mitchell Boerm - Football, Basketball, Track; Faith Eisele-Basketball,Mallory Espenscheid-Volleyball, Basketball,Track; Cody Finical - Football, Basketball,Track; Nolan Hefty - Football, Basketball, Track; Trey Keahna- Football,Basketball,Track; Frankie Krienert-Track; Joe Kvidera - Football, Track; Angel Morrison- cheerleading; Katie Morrison- Volleyball,Track ; Mallory Owens-Volleyball,Track; Rachel Rohach - Volleyball, Basketball, Track; Markie Stedman -Volleyball,Track; Hannah Stover - Cheerleading ;Shannon Stuart-Volleyball,Basketball,Track; Jacob Watson - Football, Basketball,Track; Jacob Wrage-Football, Basketball,Track; Robert Young- Basketball, Track; Allison Zobel- Volleyball, Basketball, Track.

7th Graders: Jon Ameling-Football; Taylor Dinsdale- Football,Basketball,Track; Vaughn Jensen- Football; Nichole Jones-Volleyball; Abigail Kopriva-Cheerleading,Volleyball,Track; Shayla Kopriva-Volleyball, Basketball, track; Calyb Kriz-Football,Basketball,Track; Ashley Lucas-Cheerleading; Jacqueline Mask-Volleyball,Basketball,Track; Courtney Stuart-Volleyball,Basketball,Track; Katie Townsend- Cheerleading; Austin Wobeter- Football,Track; Adam Babinat******; Kyle Hamilton-Football,Track; Alex Herbsleb-Track; Bryce Hillman- Football,Basketball,Track; Jamie Huntley-Volleyball,Track; Brandon Kaufman-Football,Wrestling,Track; Wyatt Kucera-Football,Track; Kristina Martinez-Cheerleading,Track; Omar Martinez-Football,Wrestling,Track; Whitney Pokorny-Volleyball,Basketball; Sarah Schafer-Volleyball,Track; Colin Sienknecht- Football,Track; Jayde Vogeler-Volleyball,Basketball,Track; Shelbie Weber-Cheerleading; Caitlin Whitmore-Volleyball; Josie Youel-Volleyball, Basketball, Track; Samantha Zobel- Football, Basketball,Track.



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