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Tama Cou nty Board of Supervisors

August 5, 2009
Traer Star-Clipper

by Joyce Wiese


Tuesday morning the Tama County Board of Supervisors had hearings on two road issues, one for vacating a road and one for reclassification of a road. The road vacation hearing was for a portion of 380th Street between H and I Avenues, about one half mile east of H Avenue to I Avenue in Sections 28 and 29 of Columbia Township. Only one land owner was involved and he was present and requested the vacation be approved. After the County Board of Supervisors consult with the County Engineer, they have authority to reclassify certain roads within the county making them an Area C Service road. County Engineer Lyle Brehm has requested the supervisors to reclassify U Avenue in York Township, from 320th Street to Highway V18. Becoming an Area Service 'C' road, the level of maintanence applied to the road will be as listed in Tama County Ordinance 1-8-2008D. The only persons who will have access right to the road will be the owner or person in lawful possession of any adjoining land, the agent or employee of the owner, lessee or person in lawful possession of any adjoining land, any peace officer, any magistrate, any public employee whose duty it is to supervise the use or perform maintenance of the road, or any agent or employee of any utility located upon the road. Therefore, U Avenue from 400 feet north of 320th Street north to V18 shall be classified as an area Service C road, provided the remeasurement of the distance is the same. In other road news a defect was found on a bridge at Duffus Landing during a routine inspection. The road was closed over the weekend. A simple fix was designed and the Bridge Crew is working to implement it. The bridge will probably be open for traffic by noon today, Tuesday. The bridge crew is also working on a low-water crossing in Perry Township, sections 27 and 28. Work on 150th Street east of Highway T47 has been completed. Ditches were cleaned and the dirt placed on the road. This reestablishes drainage and allows the reshaping and raising of the road. Some minor regrading on 400th Street between P and Q Avenues has been completed. The road crew narrowed the road and improved the crown. The next mile east from V18 and Q Avenue is scheduled to be done next week. Also, minor regrading is being done on 230th Street. The first two miles east of V18 is completed, and plans for the next mile is also planned within the next week or two. Last week a hole developed on T47 between Montour and Highway 30. The road is currently open to one lane traffic. Probing was done on Monday but the root of the problem was not found. They will switch traffic to the other side of the road this week and do further probing. Minor regrading is planned for L Avenue north of Dinsdale. Karen Musgrave was present to request use of the courthouse lawn for a chamber event this Friday, including fun days throughout the town. Boy scouts, Girl scouts, adults an children will all be enjoying Fun Days. Lindi Roelsfse, Tama County Economic Development Director, asked for approval for applying for "Great Places" for Tama County, Historic Restoration Commission Grant and Iowa Innovative Gateway. Proposed Administrative Rules for Region 6 Housing Trust Fund was presented. The mission of the group is to improve the supply of quality affordabel houseing across Hardin, Marshall, Poweshiek and Tama Counties. The primary activity of phase one of the project is to partially rehabilitate older owner and rental occupied structures. Rehabilitation will improve energy efficiency, reduct lead based pain t hazards, reduce safety hazards,improve furnaces, emergency repairs and improve the appearance and quality of existing housing. All properties of these four counties are eligible for the Trust fund assistance and shall be expected to complete some homebuyer education from pre-approved courses and providers. The funding shall be divided per capita across the four counties. Manufactured housing is not eligible for assistance unless the structure has been converted to real property and the manufactured housing owner also owns the property where the unit sits. Manufactured housing constructed prior to 1976 are not eligible for assistance. In other business Tami Wise presented contracts for approval . Contracts approved were with Covenant Hospital, Disaster Dollars, Genesis Adendum, INRTC, Mary Greeley, Mercy and People Rides. Rates went up about three percent. Claims for the past week came to $229,963.22.



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