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Giving What’s Left

September 2, 2009
Traer Star-Clipper

By Ryan Thorne & Tyler Zook

When someone hears rap music blaring from the open windows of a car as they pull up to a stoplight, the last thing they expect to hear about the rap artist is that they have their own charity. The rapper Snoop Dogg has a charity set up that gives kids a chance to participate in a special football league. Other charities like Soles for Souls, Invisible Children, and Locks of Love help children in need of things like shoes, education, or just a better quality of life. These charities are largely ignored, but they have a very positive impact on many kids around the world. Most charities are very appreciative of even the smallest donations, and some don't even require monetary support from the community.

Many of the students at North Tama have heard of Locks of Love, a charity that accepts donations of your own hair, which was first grown out to a length of ten inches. The hair is then made into wigs for cancer patients in need of one. Not many high school students have donated to Locks of Love themselves, but many know of people that have. With the economy in the state it's in, it is difficult for anyone to bring themselves to donate, and charities like Locks of Love provide an opportunity for that.

Senior Alex Oletski was asked if she had ever donated to a charity, she said, "No, I haven't, but when I become of age, I plan on donating. I haven't donated to Locks of Love because I haven't grown my hair out long enough." Many charities require you to be eighteen in order to make a monetary donation, which makes it impossible for the majority of high school students to do so by themselves. The charitable contributions are down in our questionable economy. As Shayne Weber insightfully states, "In today's world we all need to give what we are instead of what we earn."



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