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Reflection of Video Games in Today’s Society

May 5, 2010
Traer Star-Clipper

By: Nathan Jones

"Remember when playing video games meant you had no social life?"

- Nick Whannel

"I believe video games are the bane of all evil."

- Mr. Darrow

Did you see that 360 degree jump shot quick scope collateral dome? Have you ever heard your friend or child put out some weird slang about a popular video game that he/she plays? In today's society video games are a very heated and popular topic. Now take it back a few years to your parent's era. Did they speak freely about video games that he/she played, or did they keep it under wraps while they were playing the popularity contest? Kids today have so many opportunities and privileges that their parent counter- parts did not have during their lives. Instead of back-breaking labor some kids today sit inside in air conditioning and work their thumb muscles playing video games.

Some parents speak of video games as a godsend to keep their children preoccupied while they complete their daily tasks like mowing the lawn, doing the dishes, fixing supper, etc. Other parents on the other hand believe that they take up too much of their child's free time that they could be using working or by doing some extra studying for school. Video games have different effects on different types of parenting styles.

Video games are still video games. From Atari to Playstation 3, they serve to capture and entertain the user.



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