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October 6, 2010
Traer Star-Clipper

On the ballot Nov. 2nd Iowa will have the chance to vote on retention of three of its appointed Supreme Court Justices. We have the option of voting Yes to Retain, or No to Remove each of these three justices. I will be voting NO on these three Supreme Court justices (Chief Justice Marsha Temus, justice David Baker, and justice Michael Streit).

What is at issue is the fact that for far too long our judges nationwide have been making law and public policy, going beyond their defined role of simply determining if a law is constitutional or not. On April 3, 2009, the Iowa Supreme Court clearly stepped beyond their defined powers and legislated from the bench, directing all 99 counties to redefine marriage in Iowa to include same-sex couples and begin issuing them marriage licenses. These judges usurped the legislative powers of the elected representatives of the people when they made this ruling, and prevented the people of Iowa themselves from voting on this important issue. No less than 31 votes have been held on the issue of same-sex marriage in many other states and not one has passed. When an issue is voted on by the people themselves 31 times and it fails every one of those 31 times, it's pretty clear what the will of the people is. If the people of Iowa were allowed to vote on same-sex marriage, I have no doubt that Iowa would also vote against redefining marriage to include same-sex couples.

The larger issue here transcends the same-sex marriage issue, because if these judges can overrule the Iowa Legislative and Executive branches, overrule 161 years of Iowa law without a vote of the Legislature or the people, and redefine a 5,000 year old tradition that is the bedrock of our civilization, then there is little they can't do. Whether it's property rights, the right to own a firearm, who gets to be a citizen, or the role of religion in our society, the judiciary clearly feels that they have absolute authority. This has been an issue in many other states, not just Iowa. In California the Supreme Court even ignored a constitutional amendment on the same-sex marriage issue itself, clearing ignoring the will of the people.

It's time we set them straight. We, the people, need to let the Iowa Supreme Court justices know that we will not allow them to rule over us unchecked. On election day we can Vote NO on retention of these three justices and send a clear message across the state and the nation that we will not be passive in the face of judicial overreach. Iowa law wisely allows "We, the people" the opportunity to impose a check and balance on the courts, and we must do so in this election on Nov. 2. Please join me in voting NO on retention of all three of these Supreme Court Justices. Be sure to check both sides of your ballot to make sure you don't miss the judicial portion of the ballot.

Dean Fisher


To the people of Traer

Remember we voted to have our gas contract extended. TMU has largely ignored our wishes.

Just a little fyi, Alliant was in my neiborhood fixing gas leaks. They did it fast and efficiently. Left the areas they dug in level and ready for new seed. TMU is still spending thousands to aquire this system. There will be more as it was installed in the 1960's. They came with specialized equipment and got it done in no time. Nice job too. TMU still would have to buy all this equipment, train people to use it and hope all is well. These people (Alliant) have been doing it for years. They know what they are doing. Please people dont let this issue rest. Literally, your lives could depend on it.

Paul Fleming

Traer Iowa

On Tuesday, November 2, Tama County voters will have the chance to elect Mary Jo Cherveny for Tama County Treasurer. Mary Jo Cherveny is an excellent candidate for this office. She has endless enthusiasm for new challenges and a strong work ethic. Mary Jo is a tireless worker and organizer. Mary Jo Cherveny and her husband Doug have been residents of Tama County for 35 years.

They have five children. She has served in the United States Army. Mary Jo has managed a local convenience store where she was responsible for the day-to-day operations and training and supervising the employees. She has been employed at the Meskwaki Bingo Casino and Hotel for the past 15 years also doing some supervisory work there. Mary Jo has been an active volunteer in Tama County as a Girl Scout leader for 15 years, a South Tama Music Booster, Meals on Wheels volunteer, and a United Fund volunteer. As the Tama County Treasurer Mary Jo pledges to provide friendly, accurate and courteous service to all. Watch the Star Clipper for opportunities to meet Mary Jothis month. Make a great choice and cast your vote for Mary Jo Cherveny for Tama County Treasurer on November 2.

Sharon Owens


Brad Zaun is running for U.S. House, 3rd Congressional District against the incumbent, Leonard Boswell. I think our congressional district, our state, and our nation needs better representation and Brad Zaun represents the values we share, fresh ideas we need, and leadership experience that is lacking.

Boswell and the national Democratic Party has bought over $400,000 worth of attack ads trying to discredit Brad Zaun with distortions and lies instead of talking about the issues. "We, The People", are paying attention this election, and I don't think the Boswell attack ads are going to work this time.

Leonard Boswell voted for "Obama Care". Speaker Nancy Pelosi said that "we need to pass it so we can find out what's in it". This was sold as a cost saving legislation. Now that people have read the 2,000 page bill we have found that it will cost taxpayers money and your insurance premiums already this year have raised 1%-9%. Boswell didn't listen to us!

Brad Zaun states clearly and forcefully that he would not have voted for Obama Care, and Brad Zaun says he will vote to defund that bill, and repeal it when it's possible. I suspect that Boswell, along with every other Democrat that voted for it, has developed amnesia on the Obama Care legislation now that 61% of Americans want the bill repealed.

Boswell voted for the "Cap and Trade" legislation that will raise the cost of gas, food, and every aspect of our daily lives. Your energy bill will double. Unemployment rate will be higher and experts have stated that it will have no significant change in carbon emissions for all that expense. Brad Zaun states clearly and forcefully that he would never vote for "Cap and Trade".

Boswell voted for the Trillion dollar "Stimulus" bill that has helped drive our unemployment from 8% to nearly 10% nationwide. Furthermore all the stimulus funds have not been spent! Rather Boswell treats them as a buy your vote slush fund. How many projects has he funded one year later during this election year? Brad Zaun states clearly and forcefully that government must live within its means like Iowans must do. Zaun will cut growing government and reckless spending.

Brad Zaun has been in Tama County numerous times, during the primary and as recently as last Thursday. Zaun is working tirelessly to earn our vote. Brad Zaun has held multiple forums at King Tower and the Big T Maid Rite, attended two Tama county Republican Party events at Otter Creek, visited events in Gladbrook, Traer, Clutier, the Dysart Old Iron Days, Tama County Fair, and he's visited many of our citizens and businesses in person to meet folks in Tama County.

Boswell seems to be missing in action. As far as I can tell, Boswell snuck into Tama for an event once so far in this campaign, practically unannounced beforehand.

Brad Zaun has been a hardware store owner for 18 years in Urbandale. He's also been a city councilman and mayor of Urbandale. Currently Zaun is a minority leader in the Iowa Senate. Brad Zaun has the kind of hands on real world experience we need in Washington.

Brad Zaun is not afraid of the issues in this campaign. Boswell is running from his voting record as fast as he can.

Join me in voting for Brad Zaun for U.S. House of Representatives in the November 2nd election. It's time to take our country back!



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