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Eggcellent News

October 14, 2010
Traer Star-Clipper

By: Nathan Jones

Are the products we produce in Iowa actually good for us, could they be a sickness waiting to happen? Were you stuck in a standstill over which brand of eggs to purchase? The truth is a lot of people worried about the chance of getting Salmonella from eggs.

Over a half billion eggs in the United States have been recalled due to salmonella outbreaks over these past few months. Most sources said that the outbreaks had come from several Iowa Egg Producers. Those outbreaks had caused many families to shy away from breakfast and have made them more cautious when purchasing eggs. Mrs. Halupnick from North Tama High School said, "Personally it didn't affect me as I didn't buy eggs during that time, but anytime our health is compromised, it is scary."

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Salmonella is caused by eating raw, or undercooked foods. These foods include poultry, meat, and eggs. The sickness usually causes gastroenteritis, which is a severe stomach illness. Most common symptoms are cramps, nausea, and also a headache. In severe cases of salmonella it can cause typhoid fever. One person who had suffered from salmonella named Karla Koch from North Tama High School said that she felt " A severe stabbing pain in her stomach, severe cramping, and that she experienced continuous vomiting for three days."

As more and more news came out concerning these outbreaks ideas on how it started in Iowa evolved. Some Ideas on how it is started was poor and bad feed for the chickens, terrible conditions for the animals to live in, and some sources said that it may have been caused by chickens eating the waste of other animals that may have been living within the coops of the chickens. From all of these outbreaks and contaminations information has been spread on salmonella and eggs. One of these sources is the website



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