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Facebook Phenom

October 14, 2010
Traer Star-Clipper

By Tyler Zook

Just an idea awards Mark Zuckerberg the co-creator of Facebook. The 26 year old drop out Harvard student is going up the chain of being one of the richest men in America. The new and young billionaire is set to make a $100 million dollar donation to the Newark public schools. The donation is to improve America's schooling. A new movie bringing millions and millions of dollars, showing the chronicle of Zuckerberg, and his friends creating a social network phenomenon from just an idea of a website they created together. Now, 200 million people worldwide are using this social networking site.

Aidan Hoeg, a 10th grader at North Tama says the reason she likes to have Facebook is, " It's a place to keep up with friends, and to share many pictures." Facebook is the place where relationship status is becoming the only way to tell people that they're officially dating, or broken up.

Psychologist, Dr. David Towle, Director of the Counseling Center and Disability Services at the University of Northern Iowa, states:

"Facebook is a great tool for communicating between friends and family. It can also allow people who have social anxiety or poor interpersonal communication skills to establish connections they might not otherwise be able to make. The downside for some people I've worked with is that they wrongly assume a "Facebook friend" is as meaningful as a friendship that develops through shared life experiences."

Mark Zuckerberg, and the other creators, had not a clue that this social networking site would have this big of impact on the world, and the lives, from the campus of Harvard in Cambridge, Massachusetts, to the students of North Tama High School, Traer, Iowa.



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