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Cell Phones

November 3, 2010
Traer Star-Clipper

By Emily Pargeon

Cell phones have become a big part in peoples' lives. Now a days people call, text, get on the Internet, and even have different applications for their phones.

Cell phone school policies have evolved over the years. Cell phones have been banned during class to prevent cheating, texting during school, and getting on Facebook or Myspace on their phone if they have Internet capability. At North Tama Community High School our staff gave students the privilege to use cell phones in between classes and during our lunch hour. When asked if we should be able to use cell phones all day in school Brady Van Hove responded, "I think we shouldn't be able to because you can use your phone to check your Facebook or messages whenever and it can also get you off track." While interviewing Nicole Schlichting, she was asked how often do you use your cell phone during school? Nicole's response was, "I use it during lunch and in between classes." That same question was asked to a student who asked to remain anonymous and her response was, "Between every class, at lunch, and probably an average of five times during some class periods." North Tama's school principal was asked what is the purpose for the cell phone policy change? "Mainly because kids carry them all day and they use them anyways, so between classes and lunch isn't student learning time, so they can use them without using cell phones in class and being disruptive. Hopefully students can go without texting or calling someone for 45 minutes."

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The cell phone policy change is a positive for many students. They can now use their phones to contact their parents, grandparents, or who ever they need to during the day. Unlike a couple years ago when we weren't allowed to have cell phones at all.



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