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Walnut Street Journal

Excellent Weather for Harvest

November 11, 2010
Traer Star-Clipper

By Cody Hamilton

The area's farmers are left with a smile as the recent dry, warm weather has made this fall's harvest rather easy. The dry weather provides a drier crop, drier roads and drier soil which benefit the farmers, their equipment, and the local elevator. Add in a nice warm working environment and the harvest is great.

Weather is one of the largest factors when it comes to farming. The weather can make or break each year for the people involved. It determines when crops are planted, treated with chemicals, and harvested. But, more importantly it determines if a farmer will make a notable profit while still keeping up on the bills rolling in from the chemicals, fuel, equipment, land, and more. Too much moisture is a pain for many people. First, the stalks of the crops that need to be harvested get much much tougher when they contain moisture. This makes it much harder for the combine to cut down and separate the plants from the grain. Secondly, wet crops are always a challenge. Wet crops need to be dried so the can be stored or used for various products. This means that either the farmers must dry them or the local elevator must dry them. This process takes up valuable time and space that is crucial this time of year. And lastly, too much moisture in the ground makes not only the fields but the roads very soft. This creates large ruts in the fields and makes the roads messy and cut up. Having large ruts in the fields makes field more hard on farmers and their equipment. This also causes equipment to break under the stress from the weight of the crops in which need to be moved. And, when the already soft gravel roads get even softer that causes stress not only on the farmer's equipment, but on the everyday traffic of local residents.

This year's weather has been quite favorable which not only helps for dry crops and dry fields but also for the roads that are still dry and smooth despite the heavy traffic of machinery. Farmers and local residents both should be thankful for the wonderful weather we have had so far this fall.



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