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Walnut Street Journal


November 17, 2010
By Emily Pargeon

Do you procrastinate? Many students at North Tama procrastinate when it is time to do their homework. Most students would rather get on facebook, hang out with friends, or watch the television instead of doing homework. While interviewing Mitchell Boerm, he was asked do you procrastinate on homework? Why or why not? He responded, "yes," because there are so many distractions, like television, facebook, and cell phones that are a lot more entertaining than homework." Shannon Stuart responded to that same question, "yes, because I do not feel like doing it right away, but I know I will get it done eventually."

Eleven high school teachers were asked what percentage of students do not turn in their homework everyday and on average, 15 percent don't. However 21 students said, "yes" they turn in their homework everyday. Approximately 10-20 years ago high school students didn't have all the distractions they have now. They didn't have to worry about getting on facebook to see who is in a relationship and who's not, changing their status, or texting their friends about the latest news, or watch all your favorite shows 24/7.

Clearly students do procrastinate, because they would have to go to practices, or play games, watch television, or get on the computer. If teachers wanted students to get their homework done on time, teachers shouldn't give so much homework on the same day as other teachers, so kids do not feel overwhelmed and just give up and do other activities instead of homework.

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