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Pets Eliminate Stress

December 8, 2010
Traer Star-Clipper

By: Adrienne Estes

When people hold or cuddle with their pet, stress melts away. Pets have an enormous effect on people's lives and they may not know it. After a long day of work, a pet is there with a wagging tail or a nice meow. As a recent study from Harvard University, states that having a pet can reduce heart attacks by 40% and also reduces cardiovascular risk according to researchers at Minneapolis Stroke Institute. In the local colleges, they agree with this finding by bringing in small puppies and kittens to colleges during finals week.

When asked to remember a time when their pet helped with stress, Shannon Stuart answered, "Yes, sometimes if I'm arguing or something, he'll like know and come lay by me." Julie Cufr answered," No matter the mood we may be in, our dog is always happy to be with us." While interviewing Marisa Sloyer, she was asked what is the benefit of having a pet/pets she said," They keep you company while making you laugh and you get to learn how to take care of animals. Tamara Trumbauer also said, " having pets helps teach responsibility and gives me something to do with free time." Well if you are under some stress this holiday season, maybe go out and find a cuddly friend to pet.

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