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North Tama School Board held regular monthly meeting

December 28, 2010
Traer Star-Clipper

By Tracey Hamilton

Copy Editor

The North Tama School board held their monthly meeting on Monday, December 20 in the ICN room. Calling the meeting to order at 7:00 pm was Board President, Gretchen Pargeon. Board members present were John Hayek, Richard Arp, Judy Robb, Trisha Kennedy, Robert Young, Dave Stuart and Board Secretary, Terrill Karr. Also present were Superintendent, Gary Janssen, Secondary Principal, Irv Laube and Elementary Principal/Technical Administrator, Josh Youel. Arp made the motion to approve the agenda and Hayek seconded the motion-Motion carried 7-0.

Fifth and six grade students who are members of the Lego League were present to show the board a presentation were Joe and Will Earley, Tanner Calderwood, Claire Schafer, Lydia Schafer, Andrea Ubben, Lucy Panfil and Amber Fink. Not present was Jacob Lawton. The group shred their project which they recently demonstrated in a competition in Cedar Rapids on December 11. The project skit consisted of a robotics problem solving activity. Their teacher is Danielle Anvik.

Youel, shared the results of the Christmas school store activity. The store raised over $600.00 which will be used to fund student assembly(Mush Huskies that will be held in March.) Youel also congratulated Amy Lidgett and Lisa Chizek for receiving McElroy Grants in the amount of $1,557.99 that was used for purchasing technology equipment. Lidgett purchased an Elmo, a camera designed for visually presenting lessons and enhancing instructional strategies. Chizek purchased a digital camera, audio recorder and a video camera for displaying student work on the third grade class's webpage. Youel also stated that the parents of third through sixth will have access to their child's grades on Power School starting January 5.

Janssen discussed with the board and clarified what types of fundraisers need prior board approval and what types do not. He showed sample handouts for the board to review of what procedures are used by staff for getting fundraisers approved at the beginning of each school year. The board felt that any type of fundraiser that involves soliciting the public does need prior approval due to the board's policy. The smaller fundraisers that are held inside of the school will not need approval. For the 2009-10 Drivers Education Annual Report Janssen share the annual cost report which compared 2008-09 to 2009-10 years. The report showed that the students paid about half of the cost which is $235.00 per student and the district covered the other half which was $240.00. North Tama currently charges $22.00 less that the average of the other 29 AEA schools listed. A recommendation for approval to raise the driver education fee for resident students from $235.00 to $255.00 to begin the summer of 2011 will be put on the agenda for the January school board meeting.

The North Tama school recently received a bus inspection and no citations were given for needed repairs. Janssen was very thankful to Richard Popelka who is the Mechanic/Transportation Director for the outstanding results of the inspection.

The next Regular school board meeting will be January 17 in the ICN Room at 7 pm.



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