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Elementary Awards

June 9, 2011
Traer Star-Clipper

Mrs. Lidgetts 1st grade Awards

Outstanding Attendance

Jules Breakenridge, Kaitlyn Calderwood, Gabe Kopriva, Logan Rausch.

Counts and writes by 1s, 2s, 5s, and 10s to 100

Addie Bradley, Jules Breakenridge, Kaitlyn Calderwood, Camden Clausen, Andi Dvorak, Adam Greiner, Rachelle Heichel, Gabe Kopriva, Grant Mettlin, Logan Rausch, Randy Reese, Shanin Sebetka, Joey Stacey, Isabella Urban, Aaron Waller, Landon Wirtz, Trista Zimple.

95% or higher on all spelling tests

Addie Bradley, Jules Breakenridge, Kaitlyn Calderwood, Camden Clausen, Andi Dvorak, Adam Greiner, Logan Rausch, Aaron Waller, Landon Wirtz, Trista Zimple.

Mrs. Daubs Second Grade Class

Award for Outstanding Math Facts

(100 Addition and 100 Subtraction within 5 minutes)

Tyler Laube (100 Addition and 100 Subtraction), Alexis Hansen (100 Addition and 100 Subtraction), Tommy Weber (100 Addition), Samantha Stokes (100 Addition ), Jay Hill (100 Addition ), Grayce Spinler (100 Addition ), Samuel Snyder (100 Addition ), Kylie Riechmann (100 Addition ), Paden Ketter (100 Addition ), Logan Kennedy (100 Addition ), T.J. Hofius (100 Addition)

Award for Outstanding Spelling

Xander Bradley (quarter 1), Aiden Husckstep (quarters 1,2,3,), Logan Kennedy (quarters 1,2,4), Paden Ketter (quarters 1,4), Brody Kucera (quarter 1), Tyler Laube (quarters 1,2,3,4), Daelyn Powell (quarter 1), Kylie Riechmann (quarters 1 ,3,4), Destiny Rowe (quarters 1,2,3), Samuel Snyder (quarter 1), Grayce Spinler (quarter 1), Samantha Stokes (quarter 1), Tommy Weber (quarter 1).

Award for Outstanding Reading

Xander Bradley, Alexis Hansen, Jay Hill, T.J. Hofius, Dylan Hosek, Aiden Huckstep, Austin Johanningmeier, Logan Kennedy, Paden Ketter, Hunter Krienert, Brody Kucera, Alex Larison, Tyler Laube, Keeley Mettlin, Daelyn Powell, Kylie Riechmann, Destiny Rowe, Samuel Snyder, Grayce Spinler, Samantha Stokes, Tommy Weber.

Mrs. Kaufmanns Class Awards 2010-2011

Outstanding Reading

Carter Awbrey, Zachary Blackledge, Emily Bradley, Hannah Cronren, Abigail DeBoef, Ellery Deegan, Logan Finzen, Xander Finzen, Joseph Fontanini, Jesse Ford, Jace Hlas, Dalton Kucera, Rulee McLean, Stanford Miller, Megan Popelka, Hayley Pringle, Dylan Rohlfsen, Caleb TeBeest, Emma Winkelpleck, Noah Weber.

Outstanding Math Facts: Addition and Subtraction

Abigail DeBoef, Emly Bradely.

Outstanding Math Facts: Addition

Joseph Fontanini, Jace Hlas, Megan Popelka, Hayley Pringle.

Outstanding Math Facts: Subtraction

Rylee McLean, Stanford Miller, Carter Awbrey, Caleb TeBeest.

Outstanding Spelling

Carter Awbrey, Quarters 1,3, Emily Bradley, Quarter 1, Abigail DeBoef, Quarter 1, Ellery Deegan, Quarter 1, Logan Finzen, Quarters 1,3, Xander Finzen, Quarters 1,2, Joseph Fontanini, Quarters 1,2, Jesse Ford, Quarters 1,2, Jace Hasl Quarters 1,2, Rylee McLean, Quarters 1,2,3,4, Megan Popelka, Quarters 1,2,4, Dylan Rohlfsen, Quarter 1, Hayley Pringle, Quarters 1,2,3,4, Emma Winkelpleck, Quarter 1.

Mrs. Chizeks Third Grade Class Awards 2011

Super Math Award (100 facts in 5 minutes)

Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division

Zach Greiner, Cory Isenhower, Cody Jones, Ryan McLean, DaLynn Pokorny, Adel Scherrer, Skyler Staker.

Addition, Subtraction, and Multiplication

Carter Hallett, Takoa Kopriva, Katelyn Kucera, Andrew Lidgett.

Addition and Subtraction

Grace Blake, Hailey Larsen.


Siobhan Bromwich, Tanner Cronan, Jordan Rigel, Kenan Samardzic, Brenden Unker, Nathan Urban.

AR Points

Adel Scherrer 655.9, Zach Greiner 35.6, Andrew Lidgett 21.9, Cody Jones 14.7, DaLynn Pokorny 12.0, Grace Blake 5.8, Jordan Rigel 5.3, Katelyn Kucera 4.0, Siobhan Bromwich 3.2, Carter Hallett 3.0, Cory Isenhower 3.0, Hailey Larsen 3.0, Ryan McLean 3.0, Brenden Unker 3.0, Allie Rund 1.5, Nathan Urban 1.4, Takoa Kopriva .9.

Spelling Award (0-2 errors per quarter)

All Four Quarters

Zach Greiner.

Three Quarters

DaLynn Pokorny.

Two Quarters

Kenan Samardzic, Adel Scherrer, Skyler Staker.

One Quarter

Grace Blake, Cody Jones, Katelyn Kucera, Andrew Lidgett, Jordan Rigel.

Attendance (Less than 3 days missed or tardy)

Cody Jones, Elena Jones, Takoa Kopriva, Hailey Larsen, Ryan McLean, Adel Scherrer

North Tama Elementary Science and Engineering Club Members 2010-2011

Katie Kopriva, Sonja Toulouse, Molly Kvidera, Caleb DeBoef, Hailey Stover, Tyler Morrison, Karly Jans, Izach Henson.

2011 Third Grade Awards

Connie Courbats Class

Perfect AttendanceCaralie

Carlie Gorder

Students who receive this award had 2 or fewer absences during the 2010-2011 school year:

Luke Pennell -2 days

Spelling Awards

(Students earn this when they can spell two or less errors each quarter)

First Quarter

Sable Fehr -0, Carlie Gorder-2, Katie Kopriva-0, Luke Pennell-0.

Second Quarter

Carlie Gorder-0, Katie Kopriva-1, Luke Pennell-0.

Third Quarter

Sable Fehr-1, Carlie Gorder -1, Katie Kopriva-1, Luke Pennell-0, Brady Riechmann-1, Isabel Sierra-1

Fourth Quarter

Levi Beenken-1, Brady Riechmann-1.

Third Grade Spelling Bee Champion in 3C

Katie Kopriva

Super Math Award

This is the highest Math Award in Third Grade. It is given to the students who can correctly answer 100 problems accurately in 5 minutes on all four basic fact tests. This includes Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, and Division.

The Super Math Student for 2011 is: Katie Kopriva.

Individual Awards are given for each of the following tests. Students needed to correctly answer 100 facts in 5 minutes.

Zakkia Shorter, Carlie Gorder, Brady Riechmann, Logan Brubaker, Hannah Hendrix, Sonja Toulouse, Sable Fehr, Gunnar Brandvig, Liesel Casto, Isabel Sierra, Luke Pennell, Zane Nelson, Drew Boldt.


Zane Nelson, Isabel Sierra, Brady Riechmann, Levi Beenken.


Carlie Gorder, Brady Riechmann, Isabel Sierra, Luke Pennell.

Accelerated Reader Awards in Third Grade

Students in third grade can earn A.R. ribbons by earning points taking Accelerated Reading Tests. Each book has been assigned a point value. Most books have a value between .5 and 3.0.

To earn a Red Ribbon students need to earn between 30 and 39 points.

Liesel Casto 33.8 points, Sonja Toulouse 33.5 points.

To earn a White Ribbon students need to earn between 20 and 29 points.

Levi Beenken 23.8 points, Carlie Gorder 22.4 points, Brady Riechmann 22.9 points, Sabryna Rigel 24.6 points, Isabel Sierra 25.1 points.

To earn a Yellow Ribbon students need to earn between 10 and 19 points

Drew Boldt 17.1 points, Gunnar Brandvig 15.8 points, Logan Brubake 13.4 points, Sable Fehr 16.4 points, Breck Hulme 13.0 points, Abby Jones 15.3 points, Katie Kopriva 18.6 points, Zane Nelson 18.7 points, Luke Pennell 15.9 points, Emily Reese 12.6 points, Zakkia Shorter 13.6 points, Zak Stacey 14.0 points.

To earn a Green Ribbon students need to earn between 0 and 9 points.

Hannah Hendrix 7.3 points.

Third Grade Geography Bee Team Competition

Ms. Courbat, the third grade Social Studies Teacher, held a Geography Bee in both third grade classes. Students worked in teams to answer Geography skills covered this year.

The Geography Bee Team Competition Winners in Mrs. Chizeks Class are: Adel Scherrer, DaLynn Pokorny, Katelyn Kucera, Cory Isenhower, Grace Blake.

The Geography Bee Team Competition Winners in Ms. Courbats class are: Breck Hulme, Levi Beenken, Zakkia Shorter, Luke Pennell, Liesel Casto



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