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Making of “The Call”

October 27, 2011
Traer Star-Clipper

Once it was decided to make our own community movie, Scott Thompson of Our Town Pictures presented several synopses of potential screenplays. After debate and asking the opinions of people, "The Call" synopsis was chosen

Many people in a small town start receiving phone calls from someone desperate to find someone named James Berry. The only trouble is, no one knows anyone named James Berry, and the caller never tells them why they're trying so hard to find him. The townsfolk begin to weave stories about this James Berry - and the stories keep getting taller and more creative. But there is one person in town who knows exactly who James Berry is. And they've been trying for years to forget that name for very personal reasons. This is a mystery, a drama. a comedy, but at heart ends up being a heartwarming story about redemption and having a purpose you are meant to live - even if you don't want to.

It isn't until after the actors are selected that the actual script is written by Mr. Thompson. In the next edition of this newspaper, you'll learn about the decisions surrounding the audition process and the sponsors of the film.

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He plays the Bruce 
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