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North Tama girls getting strong with weightlifting programs

October 18, 2012
BrandiAnne Daub - Walnut Street Journal , Traer Star-Clipper

Waking up early and traveling to school for some hard work. Morning workouts that involve hearing the weights hit the floor and feeling the crisp morning air along with hard work and sweat. Lifting in the mornings used to be just for the guys. Now, lifting in the morning involves the girls.

The North Tama High School girls do weight lifting Monday, Wednesday, and Friday in the weight room to get stronger for their sports. They lift for an hour from 6:15 to 7:15 in the mornings. The girls are supervised by Mrs. Watson, Mr. Moss and Mrs. Calderwood.

"Our numbers are growing and that is exciting," said Mrs. Watson. The program has been going on for two years. They started with a group of Jr. High girls by doing core workouts in the morning (without weights). Then, for the last two years, different kinds of strength and conditioning exercises were added. With that group of girls, they moved the program into the high school.

"I lift so I can become faster and stronger," said Junior Josie Youel. Lifting is for the high school girls and in the spring (February), junior high joins. The program is not sport specific; they work on things that benefit all the girls. It's not really sport specific because the girls are out for different sports and some are in-season while others are not. Everyone does the same circuits. One day is arms and another is legs. They always do core. "A favorite workout of mine that we do is the 40 second intervals of cardio. They are always fun and get your heart rate up. My favorite is squats also," said Courtney Hecht, Sophomore.

Some of the lifts the girls do are: squats, RDLs, kickbacks, dumbbells, ladder jumps and stair jumps. "I like the leg days the best. We do squatting, lunges, and wallsits," said Freshman Kodi Hillman.

During the girls in-season, the lifting is lighter weight and there are more reps. They do that to maintain strength and work on quickness. During the off-season, it is heavier weight and less reps to build strength. "The most important goal we had in mind when developing this strength program was injury prevention. I believe that by looking at the athletes who have consistently participated, we can say it has been success." Said Mrs. Watson.



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