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The Dengler Domain: Music Battle Royale #9 (Christmas Edition)

December 16, 2016
Sean Dengler - Columnist , Traer Star-Clipper

Snowflakes have fallen, and the air is colder. Days are shorter, and Thanksgiving is in the rearview mirror. Christmas time is here, and nothing is better than the cheer. I can hear holiday jingling in the distance. Is it Santa's sleigh? Is a horse drawn carriage going over the hills to grandmother's house? Nope. It is something bigger. It is another Music Battle Royale: Christmas Edition! This week's battle is between two duets, and in one corner is Elvis Presley and Martina McBride with "Blue Christmas." The other corner is Kenny Rogers and Wynonna Judd with "Mary, Did You Know?"

While they did not record the song in the same studio, the King and Martina put out wonderful vocals. Elvis' opening rendition to "Blue Christmas" is beautiful. His deep, sultry voice makes me quake in my boots. Martina McBride blows away the second verse with her vocal talents. The relaxed beat is enjoyable for anyone to tap along to the beat. Elvis' memorable, deep voice coupled with Martina's light, fluffy voice provides a pleasurable experience for anyone's ears. If this song was not associated with Christmas, it is still an amazing song.

Kenny and Wynonna's rendition of "Mary, Did You Know?" possesses serious tone compared to "Blue Christmas." It does not enjoy the light, fun, fluffy, toe tapping atmosphere of "Blue Christmas." Kenny Rogers comes in hot with his first verse, and he carries the song. This is until Wynonna's voice booms in to combine with Kenny's voice for a wonderful sound. While Wynonna lacks the high pitch scale as opposed to Martina, she makes up for it with her vibrato. Kenny and Wynonna earn extra credit since they recorded this song together. The beat of the song is not as strong as the beat of "Blue Christmas." It almost lulls listeners to sleep. "Mary, Did You Know?" felt like it went on for too long. Chop thirty seconds off, I would have been happier.

There is no way anyone was defeating the King in a Music Battle Royale. His and Martina's voices coupled together with a great beat destroyed his competition. "Blue Christmas" is a very enjoyable song, and I highly recommend listening to it. Sorry Kenny and Wynonna, no belt for you. The King and Martina will wear this belt with pride with their perfect complementary voices. God bless the King.

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