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The Dengler Domain: Dogs

January 13, 2017
Sean Dengler - Columnist , Traer Star-Clipper

Woof! Woof! This is the sound of my favorite pet. Sorry cat, gerbil, or rock, but dogs are my favorite pet. Their excitement around humans is unmatched. They love the attention, and they love to be walked. Dogs have been and always will be man's best friend. Over the course of time, human preferences in the type of dogs has changed. It is time to hop in the time machine, and go back to the 1950s to determine the best dog in this decade based on the American Kennel Club's Top Ten Breeds of the 1950s list.

The first dog on this list is the Beagle. This beautiful dog makes any prospective dog owner happy. Beagles have ranked in the top ten breeds every decade since the founding of the American Kennel Club. Their long and droopy ears provide the awe shucks cuteness anybody wants with a dog. A Beagle's small stature allows them to not take too much space in the homestead. There are no cons against this dog because they would be a great dog to own in today's society.

The second dog is the Pekingese. This "lion dog" is not as popular as it was in the past at least in Iowa. Until I saw a picture, I never saw this dog in my life, and its long fur provides a different look than other pooches. Unfortunately, this dog would not be good at protecting the homestead. A Pekingese has a great pity face causing any owner to give it a few extra treats a week.

The third dog is the Cocker Spaniel. This fluffy eared dog would be very fun to own. Cocker Spaniels are bigger than the previous two dogs. This makes for longer walks leading to a healthier life. While they are not as big as a husky, these pooches will play at longer distances than smaller dogs. The shedding of the fur will not be fun. While a Cocker Spaniel will leave a coat of its own fur behind, this does not matter. With its adorable looking ears, this dog will win the heart of any prospective owner.

Any of these lovable pooches would make it today's society, but only one will be the coolest dog of 2017. This is the Beagle. A prospective dog owner should look at this Old Faithful of lovable dog. It was loved in the '50s so why not be loved today. The other two dogs make great options, too, but they live more complicated lives. Go easy on the dog choosing, and choose the Beagle, the PB&J of dogs. Do not like Beagles? That is fine. Go adopt a dog at the nearest shelter because dogs are the best.

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