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The Dengler Domain: Fad or No Fad #5

April 21, 2017
Sean Dengler - Columnist , Traer Star-Clipper

Doctor, is it going to make it?"

"I do not know. I have not drank my morning coffee."

Ba-bang! Bzzzz! Bang! Ka-boom! Wham! Chitzle ditzle raaaaaaa-ditzle!

"This is not the 1960s Batman which means one thing. The super scientific analysis gizmo is alive and ready to determine FAD OR NO FAD!"

The first fad are mopeds. Mopeds took off in the 1970s due to OPEC's oil embargo. Mopeds saved gas, but they were not speed demons. These lovable small transportation vehicles make a loud and annoying noise when going fast. A drag race with a car resulted in a demoralizing loss. Unfortunately, for moped riders, looking cool on a moped does not exist. The Rock is the epitome of cool, and he could not pull it off. With this lack of coolness, mopeds still persist. For that reason, mopeds are a FAD!

The next fad are ant farms. These glass cases filled with dirt and paths were an interesting creation. Ant farms provided fun to those who invested in the case. They provided the experience of watching an ant society. Making sure the ants stayed alive was an important goal, but there is one snafu. Ants are not thrilling. They can only crawl around for so long until one loses interest in their ant farm. Hopefully, fights and betrayals would happen so the ant farm could start a new soap opera called, "Days of Our Ants." Unfortunately, this hit television show cannot stop the ant farm from becoming NO FAD!

The next fad are denim jackets. It does not matter if they are dark blue, light blue, gray, acid, these jackets took the rock scene and society by storm. Everyone loves the feel of jeans on their legs so why not add this feeling to the arms. The stretchiness of denim jackets must be tough, but by golly, if a person walks into a bar wearing a denim jacket, people knew they meant business. Walk into a bar in today's world with a denim jacket, and people will laugh. For that reason, denim jackets are NO FAD!


"Doc, the super scientific analysis gizmo is dying."

*Puts on sunglasses*

"Not today."

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