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Letter to the Editor: Vote NO on Nov. 7

September 29, 2017
Paul and Candy Fleming - Traer, Iowa , Traer Star-Clipper

Vote No Nov. 7 on Natual Gas Municipalization in Traer

These are our thoughts on this important issue in no particular order.

1. These gas lines were installed circa 1962. TMU would be acquiring a 50+ year old system.

2. TMU is trying to get this by condemnation. The dictionary defines this as to appropriate public use; also to declare unfit for use or service.

3. My understanding is the lines into town that TMU would be getting are not big enough to supply the town as they are too small. Alliant will certainly not let use city use theirs that is big enough. TMU would have to get a bigger line installed. This info came from a former council member.

4. TMU will have to but the gas from somebody. How much mark up will there be? What will happen to our rates? We think they will go up as TMU will have to train all employees to handle all natural gas problems/emergencies or hire competent people to deal with these issues. More expense that will certainly be figured into our rates, raising them more.

5. If you have a gas issue Alliant will be right there with people who know how to handle it, also with experienced people. No charge. I wonder what TMU will charge to check for a leak at 3 A.M.? Maybe its figured in, raising rates.

6. What about the liability end? We don't have fireworks on the Fourth because the liability insurance is too high. What is that going to cost on a natural gas system? God forbid there would be an explosion caused by a leak on their (TMU) side of the meter. Somebody could wind up owning this town after the lawsuit. Alliant is big enough to take that kind of hit. Can Traer?

7. TMU will be responsible for installing gas service to new additions which will benefit the people who build there, but we will all pay.

Just some of the things to think about before you vote. These are our thoughts & concerns. We might not be 100% right, but we don't think we are 100% wrong either.

Remember, it's all about the money. We are VOTING NO on Nov. 7th.

Paul and Candy Fleming

Traer, Iowa



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