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It's not worth the risk -- vote NO Nov. 7

November 3, 2017
Terry Boldt - Traer, Iowa , Traer Star-Clipper

To the citizens of Traer:

I attended the meeting October 19th that Alliant put on. The following information came from questions & answers at the meeting along with information on handout papers.

Before Traer can take over Alliant Energy's gas system, we must vote. I don't know why someone would change their vote to 'yes" for approval, when it was voted down in 2009. If Traer citizens vote yes to move forward with a municipal gas utility, the city would have to purchase Alliant Energy's Traer system, including the pipes, regulators and every gas meter in town. It was stated that this would cost somewhere NORTH OF A MILLION DOLLARS. Where is that money coming from? Higher bills! Plus Traer would also have to negotiate with a pipeline company to supply its new system. Alliant is not interested in selling the gas system in Traer, so VOTE NO November 7th.

Alliant said that we have seen our bills drop 19 percent in the last five years. They also said that they have booked gas prices for the next five years. It is not clear what the effects of municipalization would have on Traer's gas rates. TMU's general manager recently told the Waterloo Courier that he "cannot promise" rates will drop if the city takes over the gas system. Gas rates could increase if Traer is burdened with the cost to acquire Alliant's gas system. It was also mentioned that the city cost is already well over $100,000+ in trying to takeover.

Alliant Energy has served Traer for over 50 years and never had a major outage in Traer. There is someone on call 24/7 and would be in town within an hour after being called. They have a solid record of providing safe, reliable and competitively priced natural gas service to Traer. Alliant natural gas crews that service Traer have more than 130 years of combined expertise, and they know the underground system in town better than anyone. They don't consider the gas crew members "fully qualified" until they have over 8,000 hours of training. Look people that's only one guy! Traer would need to hire and train new workers from scratch. How many do you need to maintain our gas system, if acquired? What's the cost of training? Alliant also said that equipment to maintain the gas system would run around $100,000 to do it right. One would need more than a tractor with backhoe.

This is why I believe you should VOTE NO on November 7th. IT'S NOT WORTH THE RISK!



Terry Boldt

Traer, Iowa



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