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The Dengler Domain: Cold

January 19, 2018
Sean Dengler - Columnist , Traer Star-Clipper

I take back everything I said about winter. The snow is not the worst part about it. Nothing beats feeling terrible, and then waking up the next day and feeling the same. Having a cold during the winter is awful. Being stuck inside all day long without any option to be in warmer weather is not fun. Whenever I get a cold, all productivity goes down the drain. My bed and couch become my new home.

It is crazy to think about the simplicity of a cold. A cold is nothing more than a headache, being stuffed up, coughing, or a sore throat, and the whole day is ruined. There is no way to cure a cold so it becomes the ultimate waiting game. Not one person on this blue marble has ever enjoyed a nasty cold. If one person has said they enjoyed a cold, they are lying or they are a robot.

The best way to beat a cold is to rest. Sleep, relax, or limit movement is the best strategy. Using the least number of stimuli is better. This is the best fight against the worst virus. The second piece of advice is the exact opposite, be active. This runs contrary to the first advice, but if one does not have time to rest, go for an all-out assault on the cold. Being active allows a person not to think about their nasty cold. Moving around doing physical activity and getting the blood flowing can rattle the cold and open up the body to make the body temporarily feel better.

The last bit of advice is to drink water. Drinking the H2O can help rid of the body of the cold. I have no scientific proof, and it could be the placebo effect. When I drink water, the cold feels like it is losing. Drinking a high amount of water leads to more restroom trips also helps take the mind of feeling terrible from the cold. Coupled with the urgency to pee, one will forget to whine about a cold.

Please go out in the world and try not to get sick. A nasty cold is no fun, and no person wants one. If the world was rid of colds, everyone would be in a happier place. If a cold wants to bring the fight, do not give up. Fight the cold with these tactics and hopefully feel okay. Colds are the worst. This is something every American can agree on.

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