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The Dengler Domain: High School Lunches

February 9, 2018
Sean Dengler - Columnist , Traer Star-Clipper

Lunch is always an important meal. It stops the morning hungriness while filling us up until supper. One's lunch helps determine one's happiness for the rest of the day. When I bring my own lunch to work, it never is as good as a restaurant's lunch. My own lunch leaves me hungry so I long for supper for a real meal. This is why I miss school lunches. People do not have the rosiest memories of high school lunches. I would still take them any day because I do not enjoy making my own lunch. A few favorites are still on my mind.

The best lunch was the chili with cinnamon rolls and cheese sandwiches. Thinking about this meal makes me hungry. This meal filled me up for the day. The best strategy was to double up on the chili and cinnamon rolls. This made the stomach full no matter supper's start time. The cinnamon rolls were bigger than anyone's mouth. With them covered in white sugar, they tasted amazing. No cinnamon roll went to waste. Add in the cheese sandwich to dip into the chili, and this combo was better the Jordan and Pippen. The taste was so good.

An Italian dunker was another famous North Tama concoction. This meal was simple. Have extra spaghetti sauce? Good. Garlic bread? Yep. Put the sauce on the garlic bread and bingo! This makes a great tasting meal. This meal also benefited from doubling up on both. I have no idea what other foods were served with this meal. This unique combination was all that was needed.

Another great lunch was the crispito. This meat filled, rolled up tortilla rolled up was delicious. Topping it off with cheese made for a special delight. Like the chili, adding in a cheese sandwich was crucial. This made a necessary and delicious overload. Eating a crispito with a cheese sandwich dipped in cheese made for a lovable moment. It always made me happy every time I saw crispito on the lunch menu. This meal is the best out of the three options.

While none of these options are the healthiest, they were all delicious lunches. Considering my normal lunch is pulled chicken with no seasoning, an apple, peanuts, and carrots, these were actually great high school lunches. They always filled me up and were enjoyable. What was your favorite high school lunch? Hit me up at Otherwise, I am going to be craving chili, Italian dunker, and crispitos for an unhealthy amount of time.



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