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The Dengler Domain: Lifting

March 2, 2018
Sean Dengler - Columnist , Traer Star-Clipper

Exercising is a healthy way to live life. Running, swimming, or lifting are different ways to get exercise. Any of these ways improves one's overall fitness and why exercise is important. After spending the last few months at the gym, I recommend these lifts.

The first lift is the chest press. Nothing feels better than a lift like the traditional bench press. Pushing big weight off the chest is the ultimate strongman feeling. My only issue is I can only lift a hair over 100 lbs. My peashooter arms do not help me with this lift. Reaching high shelves, yes. Lifting, absolutely not. This lift builds up those pectoral muscles and help one feel stronger. This lift is hard but always rewarding.

The second lift is the squat. Going deep into a squat results in a great sensation. The legs juice up after this lift. This lift is the hardest to do big weights, but the power one exerts through their legs during a squat provides immense satisfaction. While the bar rests on the shoulders, it may hurt a bit. Get over this mental block, and in no time, one will have a rewarding feeling standing up straight while lifting the heavy weights.

The third lift is the stare. This lift is performed after a lift. This happens when one sits too long on the machine. It could be the bicep, tricep, chest press, or any type of machine. It does not matter which one. It works perfectly when everyone wonders why someone doing the stair has not moved for the last two minutes. This is while the stare performer tries to find the determination to lift. Eye muscles are strengthened during the stare as the stare into the abyss. It can be hard when one's eyes start to strain and water. The best stare lifter finds the right balance between staring and lifting. In reality, do not be a stare lifter. Lift the weights and move along.

These lifts besides the stare are good lifts. I admit I am no athletic trainer. It might be best to talk to one to receive a well-informed opinion, but in my experience, these lifts have treated me well. Doing exercise in general is important especially coming out of the winter months as one wants to lose the winter body. Go to the gym, pool, track or whatever is your cup of tea. Remember, please do not be the one who stares. No one has time for the stare. Keep moving and keep lifting at the gym. Be healthy and one will feel better.

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