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NtBasic takes on IMPACT

January 25, 2019
CJ Eilers - Editor ( , Traer Star-Clipper

From January 11-13 30 teenagers from the NtBASIC youth group in Traer attended a Christian Youth Conference in Des Moines called IMPACT along with 700 others from the Midwest. The youth gathered for three days of learning more about their Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ as they shared laughter, a few tears, more laughter and "learned about ourselves and made or strengthened our relationships with each other" as they "strengthened our relationship with Jesus Christ" according to Craig Greiner, their youth pastor.

Several members of the group wrote about their experience and what they learned during IMPACT and were willing to share with the Traer Star-Clipper through email.

"During one of the lessons the speaker spoke about a pure life, and how a life of purity isn't so much a life the absence of sin, for we could never achieve it. But a life of purity is to have a life of fullness in God's love and joy in our own lives. The last session of Impact was one of courage and the speaker made two main points with it. 1. You are only as courageous as the story's you tell yourself. 2. You have no idea how far your courage will stretch. Throughout history there are many examples of peoples courage making a wave of courage. The biggest example of courage he gave was that of Jesus Christ. Who gave up his life for our sins and our failures, so that we might live with an abundant life within him. For the passage that fits well with the courage of Jesus Christ was that of "The Good Shepherd." Where in John 10:7-18 Jesus said he would willingly give his life for any of his sheep. This passage tied into Luke 15:3-7 where Jesus Christ said if He had one hundred sheep and one strayed away and found itself lost, He would find it and bring it back home. These are some of main points that I learned of God's love during Impact 2019." -Logan Donche

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"This last weekend was an experience I will have for the rest of my life. It has brought me closer to God than I could have ever imagined before. From the messages themselves and the way the speaker delivered them, to hanging out at the YMCA on Saturday night with hundreds of others students who love God just as much as I do, even to the illusionist who yes entertained, but also gave short little messages in between tricks and the worship music all combined so that I could see that God was truly working in the hearts of the people around me and myself. I am convicted to change for the better because of this event and am so glad that I went because on me for one it truly made an impact." -Chianna Nelson

"I don't even know where to start and where to end. First of all I want to recommend this to all high schoolers, because that weekend is gonna shape their future. Having lots of cultural differences I found out that two different nations have something common- It's God. He is the one who connects all the nations in the world. If I had some really confusing question about Christianity, Impact answered all of them. If I was hesitating to ask, Impact could read it in my eyes and answer them again.

I could never realize that a short weekend could change my world view and could give me a thousand more reasons to believe in God and to follow him. I could never realize that I am gonna go back to Armenia as a new person. Impact gave me the courage to speak out and think outside of the box, the courage to take the risk and make important decisions and the courage to live. I am thankful to everybody who tried hard to have me there and give me the chance to be closer to my Lord. Amen."-Elina Aghabekyan



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