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Two candidates run for President of North Tama

May 9, 2019
CJ Eilers - Editor ( , Traer Star-Clipper

While the nation is already preparing for the 2020 election season, Decision Spring 2019 is underway at North Tama high school with two campaigns vying for votes from their fellow students and the faculty.

Mock election is held in Matt Walston's government class each semester with campaigns made up of students. Each campaign pays for posters and buttons using "money" or can pass out cookies/suckers to help spread the word out. If they raise enough funds through campaign donors in teachers and their initial funds, they can make campaign ads. A website is available for engaging with students/faculty and acts as a platform for students to ask the candidates questions about homework policies, how they would improve the culture at North Tama and what advice they have for younger students.

"I plan to give these questions to our candidates in order for voters to see how they will respond," Walston said. "

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Hale Hulme/Jack Dostal for President

Chase Morrison for President, Cael Even for Vice President

Discuss your campaign and platform for this election.

"We have four things that build our platform this semester. The first thing we are looking into is better students wifi and also a guest wifi, leaving more accessibility for the teachers and everyone has an option.

Secondly, we want a secondary lunch option or more funding going into the lunches because we feel it's not healthy enough for everyone.

Third, we want better toilet paper and not the sandpaper everyone uses today.

Lastly, instead of Professional Development Days each month were the students don't have school, the students would get out early on Fridays and the teachers stay an hour later. They'd only have one meeting each Friday instead.

What is your strategy to win this election?

"We just want to get the word out to the students and faculty. We have posters already out and we want everyone to know what we're pushing for. The plan is to make buttons as well and maybe cookies if we feel good about it."

What have you learned through this unit in class and campaign thus far?

"We've learned a lot about how the election process works, what the duties of officials are and what it takes to win an election. We hope our campaign can inspire changes at the school, like last semester's campaign has."

Hale Hulme for President, Jack Dostal for Vice President

Discuss your campaign and platform for this election.

"We have five main topics we'd like to change at North Tama. First is the homework policy, a big topic here. We think each student should be able to have time in class to do their work rather than out of school. Obviously if they aren't paying attention or not doing their work, then it's going to be out of school. We feel students should have that time out of class to have fun. Fridays should be no homework because students should have fun over the weekend. With happy students comes happy teachers.

We feel there should be more than one main choice for lunch. Seniors get first choices, then juniors and then what's left. If someone hates macaroni and cheese, there would be another option for them instead of starving all day. That's all they usually get at school all day.

If you aren't failing a class and have a GPA of 3.00 or higher, don't have any behavior issues, then you should be able to leave school during study hall for open campus. Same with homeroom. A lot of students don't utilize it because they don't have anything to do. They can use this time to go home and eat if they wanted to.

We want softer toilet paper. You can talk to a lot of students here at North Tama and they will agree the toilet feels like sandpaper. We want Charmin.

Lastly, we want eighth hour athletics as an elective or PE. It would start at 2:40 and would benefit athletes and coaches to leave early. The people who don't take part in athletics will gain an elective and leave at 3:25. This would encourage athletics at school."

What is your strategy to win this election?

"Get the word out, talk to people. We're making a second flyer and make a commercial to get everyone to laugh."

Discuss your campaign and platform for this election.

"I feel we've learned about communicating with students, talking about our ideas. If you let everyone know what you want, you're good to go."

North Tama will have "election day" on Friday, May 10 when 7-12 students and all staff can vote. The polls will close at 4:00 p.m. Friday, and Walston will announce the winner then. The winning group gets 10 bonus points toward the 90 point project.



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